We know that somewhere between overpriced designer name furniture and throw away flat packed items there is a happy median. Here you will find European Design.

We design, manufacture, distribute and guarantee our furniture. Our furnishings are based on traditional European influences and some have been modernised with current trends and influences.

During the past two decades we became a 'throw away' society with our furniture items. By manufacturing unique individual pieces we truly believe that our furntiure pieces are the treasured antiques of the future.

We manufacture the majority of our timber furniture and the remaining items we purchase in bulk direct from other factories that we work closely with. No middlemen, no wholeslaers or importers. The savings on cost is reflected in our prices.

We offer a Bespoke Service that is unavailable elsewhere. From slight changes to timber finishes, fabric replacements or alterations to sizes. The only limitaiton is your imagination.

All furniture items have a 12 month warranty.

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